Strengthening in-country tropical marine resources management training capacity in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands

In enhancing efforts to manage their tropical marine resources developing local capacity has been among the highest priorities identified by Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. They identified that there is inadequate marine resource management education curricula and training in government and academic institutions in their countries.  

Based upon in-country consultations with the Australian Government, a project  has been developed to address these gaps.   The project team comprises: the Australian Tropical Marine Alliance (Earth to Ocean Consulting is the Executive Officer for this group), the Coral Triangle Center and the Nature Conservancy and is  being funded by the Australian Government.  The project team is working with country partners to initiate and deliver new, tailored and purpose-driven tropical marine resource management training to local trainers. 

The outcomes of the scoping study are available here. - 762k pdf)

An Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management curriculum, unit plans, course notes and teaching resources

Integrated coastal zone management curriculum, unit plans and teaching resources - (Papua New Guinea focussed)

Solomon Islands Curriculum Trial Workshop Report (1MB)

PNG Curriculum Trial Workshop Report

PNG Curriculum Trial Workshop participants feedback (short film)